Woman Brings Dying Pup To Chimp Sanctuary, Gets Tender Care From Chimp Family

Snafu the puppy was found starving and emaciated on a roadside by two chimpanzee activists in Liberia, Africa. Not knowing where to require the dying dog within the remote area, the activists brought Snafu to the chimp sanctuary and introduced him to the chimp family there.

But Snafu’s health was completely depleted by then. He had infectious sores, missing fur, and most of his muscles had wasted away. The sanctuary’s vet administered him some emergency treatment and hoped for the simplest . The chimps also stepped up to shower some tender loving care on him. Soon, sort of a miracle, Snafu started recovering!

As Snafu’s sores started healing, he found it hard to beat the urge to scratch them. therefore the vet put him during a cone to guard him. But seeing that the cone limited his movements, the type chimps always scooped him up and carried him up and down the steps . For an entire year, the chimps nurtured and guarded Snafu as he became an inseparable a part of their family.

Today, Snafu may be a big and healthy boy. The activists have helped him find a forever home with a loving family in Colorado. But regardless of where he lives, Snafu’s heart will always fondly remember the sweet memories with the chimp family that raised him with such a lot love!
Click the video below to observe Snafu’s plight as a puppy, his recovery and his strong bond with the chimp family!

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