Channing Tatum Is Making A Movie About His Dead Dog

We all want to pay tribute to our beloved dead pets, whether that’s through photographs or maybe a tattoo. Channing Tatum, however, has taken the crown by making an entire movie about his late dog.

Before you begin bulk-buying tissues such as you did for Marley & Me though, you’ll be surprised to understand Tatum’s film Dog is really set to be a comedy.

Tatum will star within the film alongside a Belgian Malinois named Lulu, named after Tatum’s dearly departed four-legged friend
The 39-year-old actor shared his dog together with his former wife Jenna Dewan, and therefore the pair were left heartbroken when Lulu gave up the ghost in 2018 – an equivalent year the couple split.

Dewan shared the sad news of Lulu’s passing on Instagram, where she thanked Lulu for her ‘tireless love, protection and humour’.

The post read:

To our sweet and fierce Lulu…thank you for being the simplest dog within the entire world and for fighting cancer for as long as you probably did . many thanks for your tireless love, protection and humor. many thanks for the adventures. Heartbroken doesn’t even compared to how it feels. But you'll survive forever in our hearts and our memories…fly sweet angel

After Lulu’s passing, Tatum’s longterm media partner Reid Carolin wrote the script for the film, which Tatum will co-direct. The plot is seemingly supported a story by Carolin and Brett Rodriguez.

Following a bidding war between several superstar studios, MGM won the North American rights to the film, and is about to be released Valentine’s weekend 2021.
Tatum shared the great news on Twitter with some sweet pictures of a road trip he and therefore the real-life Lulu went on themselves.

The tweet read:

A little over a year ago I came from a road trip where I said goodbye to my ally . Now I’m making a movie inspired by her. So proud to announce that DOG are going to be released by @MGM_Studios and in theaters next Valentine’s Day weekend.
The heartwarming comedy, recently acquired by MGM – who also distributed Tatum’s 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street – is a few road-trip Army Rangers Briggs (Tatum) and his dog Lulu start as they struggle to form it to a fellow solider’s funeral on time, driving one another crazy within the process.

You’ve need to admit, the film sounds pretty good. I’m just glad I won’t need to start stocking abreast of packets of tissues in preparation for it’s release – I can’t be the sole one still emotionally scarred from Marley & Me…

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