Disabled Senior Dog And Guinea Pig Are Best Buddies That Go Everywhere Together

Loneliness is an unsightly thing. Nobody – not even animals – need to feel alone. Everyone deserves to possess a minimum of one friend who is there for them.

For Rex, an elderly disabled Boxer, his ally came within the unlikely sort of a guinea pig named S’mores.

The two met and formed a really deep bond that resulted in S’mores suddenly going everywhere with Rex – to the purpose that he received his own special basket that would be attached to Rex’s wheelchair.

Their story of friendship began after Rex – who has degenerative myelopathy – was rescued from his shelter’s euthanasia list. From there, Rex found himself with a replacement home with Holly Walthers.

Things were great for Rex until he lost one among his friends. This devastating blow caused Rex to become lonely and depressed, prompting Holly to start out the look for a replacement friend for Rex.

That is when S’mores entered the image . He had been rescued from an abusive situation. When Holly introduced S’mores to Rex, the 2 bonded instantaneously.

From there, it had been absolute bliss for the 2 , who spend their days in each other’s company eating, cuddling, and sharing daily walks with each other .

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