Dog Hailed a Hero After Saving Six People Trapped Under a Collapsed Hotel

Dogs are smarter than we ever give them credit for - but one particular pooch has absolutely wowed the web in the week with their ingenuity. BeiBei the rescue dog proved itself to be a true hero once they rescued 6 trapped patients within the collapsed coronavirus hotel the Fujian Province of southeastern China. Read on for the incredible story.

The Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou city, in China's eastern Fujian province, has collapsed.

It fell on March 7th, trapping many of the quarantined patients inside.

The emergency services are working tirelessly on a rescue mission.

But there’s one hero who has been the important star of the show.

Meet Bei Bei.

The English springer has proven itself to be the precise quite pooch you’d want around in an emergency.

It was among the primary to arrive on the scene on Friday.

And Bei Bei worked non stop for 3 days to try to to the simplest she could.

After 3 days, Bei Bei had to prevent working.

Its paws were totally hack from the broken glass of the collapsed building.

But Bei Bei's work was impressive.

The dog managed to rescue 6 people from the wreckage, including 3 within the first jiffy of their search.

The operation was no joke.

“The surroundings were extremely rough. there have been sharp iron pieces and broken glasses everywhere,” Mr Yi told The Beijing News.

Bei Bei sustained some injuries.

“Yesterday afternoon we noticed that Bei Bei was moving more slowly and located cuts on all of its paws.”

Bei Bei is now receiving treatment for these injuries.

Sixty-two people have now been rescued from the building.

Twenty are confirmed to possess died within the accident, while nine remain trapped.

The search is ongoing with a minimum of 9 dogs on the scene.

But it’s unlikely any will top Bei Bei within the hero stakes.

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