Dog refused to move from the hospital – then people realized he was waiting for deceased friend

Anyone who’s had a dog knows how loyal they will be.
They await you all day and always greet you with many excited tail wagging and body wiggles upon your return. once they accidentally “escape” your yard, they await you at the front entrance . Some dogs even walk for miles and miles to be reunited with their owners. One dog in Brazil showed this loyalty ahead of a hospital in Brazil.

Christine Sardella noticed a dog sitting ahead of a hospital door and thought he was just another stray.
She was a touch confused by this dog because he was behaving alright . He even removed of the way in order that people could easily enter and exit the building without stepping over or around him. She ended up questioning an employee at the hospital who shared the guts wrenching story.

The dog belonged to a homeless man who was stabbed during a park on the opposite side of town.
He was delivered to the hospital by EMS, but died on the table . The dog followed the ambulance and waited by the entrance for his friend to return…he had no way of knowing that his person had died.

The hospital employee said he had been there for four months, unwilling to go away the door just in case his person appeared. The hospital staff did their best providing the dog with food and water, but he wouldn't leave the door for any reason.

Sardella was moved by the dog’s loyalty to his owner and wanted to seek out him a far better living situation. She was glad the hospital was taking care of the dog’s basic needs but she felt like he deserved more care.

She contacted a rescue organization and that they agreed to assist her find a secure home for him.
The rescue had to catch the dog, which proved difficult for the workers. They were finally successful, but he escaped shortly after and returned to his spot at the hospital door. it had been clear that he had no intention to go away the world .

People thought he was grieving and wasn't able to advance from his owner yet. instead of forcing the dog to go away , the rescue allowed him to remain . There was a hospital employee who formed a relationship with the dog and is planning on adopting him. Since he spent such a lot time at the hospital, he knew the worker alright .

The rescue organization helps the dog get his vaccinations and performing some final check ups on his health before sending him home together with his new family.

The dog went through tons , and it'll take a while for him to heal from losing his original person. His loyalty is touching, but it’s sad to think he will never see his person again. When the dog decides to go away , he might think he was simply abandoned.

Sardella commented on this saying:

“It’s sad to understand that he will never see his owner again and can not understand what happened. the sole thing left is to attend at the last place where he saw him.”

Hopefully, the dog can find a replacement person to like . This dog has more loyalty than most of the people . we will only trust that his new family will return his affections to him. He definitely deserves a special home with a replacement family who can return his incredible loyalty.

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