Dogs Locked In Grimy RV For Years Smother Rescuer With Kisses When She Opens Door

The Humane Society of the us has worked along side the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office to rescue nearly 150 dogs during a large-scale alleged severe neglect situation on a five-acre residential property in Dixie County, Florida.

Dozens of the dogs were crammed into filthy hutches outside that were falling apart, almost like ones that are found at dog meat farms.

At least twenty of the dogs were living in an old camper that was crammed with garbage and feces.

Many were affected by severe painful skin infections and had little or no to no hair. They didn’t have adequate shelter from the cold and rain, and that they had no food or water.

Rescuers went into the kennels and trailers in hazmat suits to rescue the poor little pups.

The dogs were so happy to ascertain rescuers then relieved to finally get out of there that they greeted them with wagging tails and howled with joy.

After they were free of their awful living conditions, they were examined by vets and treated for his or her ailments. they're now at a short lived shelter while they still receive veterinary care.

Once they're healed, they're going to be available for adoption.

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  1. Obviously this looks like some sort of puppy mill gone disastrously wrong. So the property is owned by someone, some asshole built those cages left those dogs there the humane society was tipped off by somebody. Now get the son of a bitch who did that. It is a federal offense to do this. Our president just signed a bill that can put a scumbag who did something like this in prison for 7 years. Also you will rot in hell for all eternity for doing something like this to animals. I have no pity for rotten human beings that do this. Also on a sidebar for all you subhumans in the far East she, I wonder why the coronavirus started in your country. And why did you try to hide it from the world 12 thousands of people got infected by it. You still try to hide that started in your country and you say you do nothing about it. Are you lying subhuman people periods did you ever think that maybe this is your punishment because of all the torturess procedures that you do the dog and cat in your back alleys? Again, I have zero pity for you people in the far East I hope you are enjoying this because this is the pain and suffering that you have brought upon the world.

    1. I could NOT have written this better... I so agree with all you said.