Heartbroken Dog Keeps Coming Back To His Owner’s Grave Every Day

We will always remember the image of the loyal Cesur at his owner Mehmet Ilhan’s funeral. The event and photograph occurred happened at the Central Mosque in Ohraneli, Turkey.

79-year-old Mehmet gave up the ghost while within the hospital.

As his son Ali explained to The Sun, “My father was paralyzed for several years and adopted Cesur as a puppy two years ago to stay him company.”

Ali stated, “He loved the dog and took excellent care of him and that i think Cesur is simply sad because he's missing him.”

Ali spoke about how Cesur didn’t eat during the time that Mehmet was within the hospital. Following his body’s return to the house , Cesur was there, standing guard.
During the funeral, Cesur followed the entire procession all the thanks to the cemetery.

“He wouldn’t move faraway from the coffin, not even an in. , at the funeral then he followed us to the cemetery and waited until he had been buried,” said Ali.
The following five days after the funeral, Cesur continued to go to Mehmet’s graveside. However, Ali stepped in and took care of the small dog, helping him through the sadness of his owner’s absence.

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