Help! 18-Year-Old Blind Dachshund Dumped At Shelter Clings To The First Person Who Makes Her Feel Safe

Muneca, an 18-year-old blind Dachshund, was surrendered to an animal shelter, leaving her alone and terrified. Now, she didn’t have a home, her vision, or someone to like her.

A volunteer named Elaine Seamans visited the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in l. a. to go to Muneca, and was the primary person to actually show her love. Muneca leapt right into her arms and clung to her, never eager to be put down.

Photographer John Hwang was on his thanks to a photography shoot when he saw Seamans and Muneca. He snapped an image of them, which was eventually posted online and went viral. The photograph showed Seamans holding Muneca in her arms, with Muneca clinging tightly to her.

They wanted whoever saw the image to feel a connection thereto , and to feel an equivalent way Seamans did. And it worked. A rescue group called the Frosted Faces Foundation saw the photo and wanted to urge Muneca out of the shelter immediately. They took her at the veterinarian then placed her into a family .

But it wasn’t long before she found her forever human. because the applications came pouring in, the rescue went through each and each one among them, trying to seek out the family that they thought would be the simplest fit Muneca.

That’s once they found Amy Gann, and knew she was the proper one for Muneca. Gann drove to San Diego to satisfy Muneca, and it had been love initially sight.

Now Muneca is finally enjoying life and feeling such a lot love. When she received her forever home, she need to take a much-needed warm bath . She also need to visit the beach and feel the heat of the sun as she chomped down on a delicious dog treat.

Gann holds Muneca every chance she gets. She even made a sling for her so she will keep her close while she does things round the house.

Muneca was once a dog that nobody wanted, but now she is going to live out the remainder of her days in happiness, as every dog should.

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