Help! ‘Ugly’ pit bull just wants a home, but no one will adopt him because of how he looks

All shelter dogs are waiting to be adopted, but some unfortunately find yourself waiting longer than others.

  The sad reality is that oftentimes, people choose their new pet supported appearance and sometimes choose the cutest puppy available, overlooking a number of the more unconventional-looking dogs.

But these dogs deserve love, too… like this good boy who’s just expecting someone to like him for who he's .
Meet Wally Hell bull:

Wally doesn’t appear as if your ordinary dog, to make certain . But he’s had a rough life and is simply trying to find a family to spend his final years with.

Wally was first delivered to the Town of Islip Animal Shelter on Long Island , New York, he was a stray and already nearly 10 years old.

He also had some health problems, including a skin infection and blindness in one eye, consistent with The Dodo. This all gave poor Wally an appearance that the shelter worried would turn potential adopters away.
However, he proved to possess an exquisite personality and have become a favourite of the shelter workers.

“He likes to slobber on you and can do anything for a few food,” veterinary tech Danielle Gorle told The Dodo. “He also likes to only hang around and not do anything.”
“Wally is a tremendous walrus/hippo/rhino dog that basically just needs a home that accepts him and to spend his time of life in!” Jen, a shelter volunteer, wrote on Facebook.

“He may be a little mush and volunteer favorite.”
Sadly, visitors to the shelter have thus far did not see the sweetness beneath. Wally has been expecting a year to seek out a replacement home with no takers.

And the shelter says the rejection is taking a toll on his wellbeing.

“He seems to be declining,” Gorle said. “He was happier when he first came in. He likes when he gets to travel out but he seems depressed in his kennel.”
But there’s still hope: Wally remains up for adoption, and remains trying to find an honest home.

He is not good with other animals, and wishes to be the sole pet, but otherwise he seems like a perfect dog for anyone: The shelter says that he’s neutered, up so far on his vaccinations, good with people and loves treats.
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  1. Would love to adopt him

  2. I'd take him in a heartbeat but I have 2 other dogs!!

  3. So sad, sharing to help him!!

  4. I will take him, he is perfect.I live in Virginia I can't travel to get him.I will pay for him to be brought to me

    1. There are transport services! Work with a local rescue or one near the shelter. Need health certificate.

  5. Cutie! I'd take him in a second, but I have a doggie & 7 kitties already. Btw, who writes these articles? The grammar is horrid.

  6. Hes too far away or else I would take him,I'm in Tx beauty is only skin deep, nice dog, hope someone adopts him soon!

  7. Has this dog really not been adopted yet???? :( Poor sweet dog,praying You find your happy ever after very soon!!! <3 <3 <3

  8. Is there an update?

  9. I will take him if you bring him to me

  10. Love Dogs alot i would adot him

  11. I thought I saw somewhere that he'd been adopted? Does anyone know for sure?????

  12. What do I have to do to go about possibly adopting him all we have is a bunch of cats but I’ll walk him if I have to he’s beautiful all the way around and deserves a good home if he hasn’t found one already I just can’t travel all the way to New York for him but if someone can help get him to me he has an amazing home waiting for him and a family that would take amazing care of him as long as he is good with kids because I have a 4 year old son