Hero Dog Shot Twice Protecting Young Girl From Armed Robbers In Georgia

Meet Starla, the two-year-old watchdog who saved a young girl’s life from armed robbers.

On Tuesday, March 3, just before 3.00pm, two men – one among whom was armed – showed up at the Ewing residence in South Fulton, Georgia, with intent to rob the house .

However, their criminal plans hit a bump within the road because of a very brave Yorkie, who saved alittle child also as chasing the intruders away.
Dion Ewing explained to WGCL how the incident unfolded. Her niece was home alone at the time, with only Starla there to stay her company.

However, her peace was soon disturbed when two men showed up at the premises. Dion said: ‘My niece got an alert on her phone… about somebody approaching.’ Her niece had to take a seat and watch because the men began trying to force their way into the house.

Dion added: ‘The other partner rotated and began kicking it from the rear and he kicked it about twice then the rear came open. The door came open.’

As soon as they broke in, Starla went after the would-be robbers. However, within the process, she was shot twice. Thankfully, Starla distracted the intruders and gave Dion’s niece a flash to flee through the garage.

‘But as she was running out, the one who had the gun asked the opposite one if they wanted them to shoot her,’ Ewing added. Fortunately they never actually shot the lass – because Starla hadn’t given up just yet. ‘They were chasing her out and therefore the dog was chasing behind them. Even after being shot,’ she said.
After the incident, brave Starla is making a gentle recovery. As Ewing said:

This little thing right here. It’s a bit like a touch watchdog . and that we try to stay her limited on the moving due to where she got injured at. They don’t want her to tear her lacerations. She got shot in her front leg and back leg.

The two robbers made a hasty escape after Starla disrupted their plans, speeding faraway from the scene. ‘They’re cowards. i feel that, you know, if you recognize anything, please turn them in,’ Ewing said.

There are currently no known details regarding an investigation into the incident – however, anyone with any information is inspired to contact South Fulton local department .

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