Owners Dump ‘Ugly’ Dog Stung by 1,000s Bees, Then a Lady Sees He Is No Ordinary Dog

The family of a deaf pit bull added insult to life-threatening injury by abandoning the dog at a shelter after he was stung by bees over 1,000 times.

The dog arrived during a pitiful state, with blisters covering his entire body and a secondary, untreated skin condition: sarcoptic mange. The shelter couldn't treat (or, more significantly, afford) the extent of his medical needs, then the dog was scheduled to be euthanized.

That was until the shelter called Carri Shipaila.

Carri runs LuvnPupz rescue center in Greater Grand Rapids , Michigan. She founded the shelter after losing one among her own rescued dogs at an early age thanks to cancer. After getting the decision about the bee-stung pup, Carri came her car and drove for over an hour to select him up.

“An emergency vet clinic called me,” Carri told The Mirror, “realizing the shelter would need to euthanize as they couldn’t treat a dog in his condition. to not mention,” she continued, “keeping him alive would expose him to several illnesses caused by his condition.”

“When I saw him,” she shared, “I knew he needed us, regardless of the prices .”

Carri nicknamed the poor dog “Stinger,” an optimistic herald of his ability to beat his condition. “He’s deaf,” Carri joked fondly, “so honestly I don’t think he cares that’s what I named him! The shelter required me to carry Stinger for 30 days,” she explained, “so the owner could have the chance to say him.”

However, sadly, Stinger’s family didn't come to the fore . Stinger was treated for his bee stings, an allergy he had been experiencing to a previous medication, and his painful sarcoptic mange. But as a results of his numerous untreated afflictions, Stinger ended up with an autoimmune disorder called pemphigus. “[It] is lifelong and expensive to treat,” Carri said.

Evidently, Carri was onto something when she named the resilient pup, because today, he's barely recognizable. His bee-sting blisters have healed, his mange has cleared, and his beautiful, soft white coat has grown in. He also loves couch time, balcony time, and life within the great outdoors.

Just inspect LuvnPupz‘s heartwarming photos!
“He’s the epitome of the breed,” Carri said. “He’s a tremendous , loving, sweet, funny Pit Bull without a mean bone in his body.” Sadly, Stinger can never be adopted thanks to his ongoing healthcare needs, but LuvnPupz are providing him with a home for all times .

Stinger, now 3 years old, escaped a swarm of bees, endured life-threatening injuries, and narrowly avoided being abandoned forever at a shelter that simply couldn’t cater to his needs. But the healed, handsome pup has come through the opposite side because of the love and dedication of a team of individuals who refused to show their backs on him.

“We have zero paid staff members,” Carri shared; LuvnPupz may be a passion project. “We are all volunteers that have world jobs,” the dog rescue champion continued. “We pour our hearts and souls into the rescue.”

Stinger is one resounding success story, and one heartrending reminder that our pets need us, especially once they are at their most vulnerable.

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