Rottweiler Dog Who Lost All 4 Paws Learns To Walk Again

Two years after losing all four of his paws, a really determined Rottweiler named Brutus is back to doing something that when seemed an impossibility: walking on his own.

Brutus was only a puppy when his neglectful former owners, dog breeders, left him outside in freezing weather long enough to become frostbitten on each of his limbs.

Instead of taking him to a vet for help, the breeders decided to amputate all the paws themselves, meaning Brutus was not ready to get around on his own.

Brutus was ultimately saved from that worrying situation and rehomed with foster mom Laura Aquilina in Loveland, Colorado – but problems stemming from the botched surgery continued to plague him.

“He cannot run and play like all puppies want to try to to , he can barely walk,” rescuers wrote. “He has got to be carried over any hard surfaces or up and downstairs.”

Within months, many supporters who were touched by Brutus’s sad story had donated quite $12,000 toward corrective surgery and new artificial limbs made especially for him. Fortunately, Martin Kauffman, founding father of OrthoPets, a Denver-based company that focuses on prosthetics for animals, was among those that refused to ascertain Brutus as a hopeless case.
“Brutus is a tremendous case of a gorgeous dog who was dealt a shorthand,” Kauffman told news station KTLA.

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