Senior saved from kids kicking her and now she’s on the list for euthanasia

A ten-year-old senior dog was saved from an apartment complex as kids kicked her and tried to ride her sort of a pony. She was delivered to the Maricopa County Animal Care in Phoenix, Arizona. Sadly, this old gal has been added to the euthanasia list because she features a large mass on her abdomen that must be removed.

Check out her video:

“She obviously is good with kiddos and has a great temperament. She has not been evaluated with any other dogs. She is a happy old lady and doesn’t show she has one thing wrong with her!!!”
This gal needs out of the shelter as soon as possible and must be adopted unless fostered through a rescue. No rescue has committed to her yet. Please share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

Additional photos and video:
For more information contact:
Maricopa County Animal Care and Control
2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85009

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  1. Whada shame that someone could just toss a pet at one time away like trash. This makes me really pist n sad. They should be punished people for that type of messed up reasoning.

  2. Please save her dont let her die not knowing true love from a good human she deserves so much better .

  3. Is she's ready for adoption? I'll take her! I have taken care of a senior dog before.

  4. It puts tears in my eyes my Daisy Lynn passed at end of Month 1 year ago and I miss her terribly