Unicorn Dog Has One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head !

This adorable dog has been compared to a unicorn as she has only one ear within the middle of her head.

Rae the retriever is winning the hearts of social media users across the planet due to her unique attribute.

Apparently she was left with one ear after an injury at birth, and as she’s grown older her ear has ‘migrated’ to the highest of her head.

Instagram was only blessed by Rae’s presence last month but she’s already amassed a powerful 12,500 followers.

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Une publication partagée par Rae the 🦄 Golden Retriever (@goldenunicornrae) le

People are understandably loving Rae – a bit like us – with many fans leaving comments on her super cute pictures dubbing her a ‘unipupper‘.

One person commented on a photograph of her saying, ‘What a gorgeous pupper’, while another said they were ‘obsessed’ together with her .

 person commented:
Now all the dogs are going to want to have one migrating ear! Too freakin’ cute! Or should I say “freakishly” cute?

Une publication partagée par Rae the 🦄 Golden Retriever (@goldenunicornrae) le

The ‘accidental injury’ mentioned within the account bio is believed to be Rae’s mum twiddling with her a touch too roughly when she was younger, leaving one among her ears wanting to be removed.

However, it’s evident the accident hasn’t debilitated the gorgeous retriever in any way, as she will still hear through her one ear.

The puppy’s page currently only has 20 snaps of Rae on, but we’re very excited to ascertain more pictures of her living her best, one-eared life.

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