Veterinarian Has A Comfort-Dog Assistant That Helps Sick And Scared Pets Know That Everything Will Be Alright

Going to the doctor are often an anxiety-inducing experience for anyone, even our pets.

The vet office can appear to be a scary, confusing place to a pet. It smells weird, looks weird, there are strangers there and bizarre sounds. It’s all very overwhelming, especially if you’re already feeling sick and uncomfortable.

Therefore, it’s wonderful that there are pups like this one within the world. This pup works as a “comfort dog assistant” during a vet office, and his job is to comfort and soothe nervous patients.

It’s amazing what proportion safer and calmer an anxious patient can feel after some love and support from a friendly pup.
This pups is is real hero, and it looks like the web agrees.

After the image was posted to Reddit, it soon went viral and other people are so impressed – not only with the great boy himself but with the very concept of getting a comfort dog assistant during a vet office.

The touching image has even moved several people to tears.
The idea of getting a comfort animal within the vet office may be a fantastic idea. Many humans have experienced the soothing effects of a support animal, and there’s no reason our furbabies shouldn’t get an equivalent support once they need it.

Pups like this one do a tremendous job and that they deserve all the love and appreciation within the world.

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